Account disappeared


I created my acount a week or so ago, but now I can’t post anything using the 3rd party iOS app I was using, I can’t log in, and I can’t see my account of I go directly to @Justsomeboys
I don’t think I have violated any of the rules, I haven’t recieve an email telling me any of my toots were in violation of any standards, allowing me to fix anything.

It’s just gone.

Please help.


Your account got flagged for uploading many photos of underaged boys.

As per our rules, we remove accounts that post photos of children.


They weren’t underage, but ok this is your site I accept your desision.

It would have been nice to have been messaged and given the opportunity to take down the post considered inapropriate rather than having my account removed.

I had only made two posts, so it can’t have been that many photos though :frowning: