Adding tags to boosted posts?


I’m a former tumblr, and there, I could repost something and add my own tags. Here, boosting something doesn’t allow me to tag that post to express my interests about it. As a workaround, I save the pic i want, and repost it, mentioning the original poster and adding my tags. Am I missing something? is there a better way? Something to put on a todo list, or is that not a wanted feature?



@redheadguy1951 : You can’t edit your post, but you can however click on ‘more’ (the three dots button) and click ‘delete and re-draft’. That will open up that post to edit, so you can ‘Toot’ it (again). Unfortunately it doesn’t remember the place where it was originally tooted, so it will appear on top of your list.


I would like to have this to. I like to give the original poster the likes and boosts, but I also like to add my own tags and sometimes comments.


Yes, I’d enjoy that too. Sometimes I simply want to add the models name or so. But not able to.