Best app to view Humblr on Mobile?


Ok - mods said that the reason GIFs don’t auto play on my iPad is because I’m using a browser, and told me to download a third party app for viewing Mastodon.

I tried ‘Toot’ - no auto play of GIFs. :neutral_face: I tried ‘Amaroq’ - again, no auto play of GIFs :roll_eyes:…AND it doesn’t orient the screen to landscape view when the iPad is rotated as such. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Are there any options that allow auto play of GIFs? Really, it’s 2018 and clicking on each individual GIF is like a time warp to the 90s.


I’ve been using Hootdon - it’s not perfect but auto-plays gifs well! Think it’s iPhone only.


Ok, cool, I’ll check that one out.


I just tried that one - it’s actually called ‘Tootdon’.

Still just a bunch of badly cropped images and non-autoplaying GIFs. Ugh.

Surely there is something better??!