Display of images in portrait


I’d really like to see portrait images displayed in portrait format on the dashboard and on the web page. I recognize that it might be a major change, but I think it would greatly improve browsing.


It’s not that big of a deal, as it is mainly CSS. It can be done either via the Humblr theme or with a style extension for browsers (stylus). I might come up with a solution for that, but only after the new and all improved Humblr theme have been released. There’re a lot of people who wish for a feature like this! You are not alone. :wink:


I posted here a possible solution:

Direct Link:

Link to Humblr Post:

If you find any kind of bugs please tell me!


According to my chrome inspect source, the div with class “media-gallery” is 250.903 px width, and 141.181 px height, which is landscape.
I suppose it will be enough to edit your CSS to make it become portrait instead of landscape.

I made a chrome extension to use it on my computer, including changing the height of these divs to 300 px .
It looks good for me, but still is useless if the rest of the users will sill see it in landscape, so I rather keep using your crop tool to make my pictures show faces.


Oh! you did one step beyond!
Great solution!


Can’t this just be integrated into the default Humblr interface?

ie. can someone code it so that its smart enough to display portrait oreientation content WITHOUT cropping?


This has been my NUMBER ONE pet grievance with Humblr, so it would be incredible if it could be ironed out, and then I can post some of my extra hot portrait content without fear of heads being chopped off!

Mods and admins, have you seen this thread?


It is in the works along with a dozen other tweeks with the interface.


Thanks for the update. Great to know.

Thanks for engaging Admin!


I think if this will be solved by a tweak for the audience, it wont be a good solution as it will always be posible to see content in a different way from what the uploader have in mind.

I think it will work great if it is an option for the uploader.
If the uploader prefer his/her content to be seen as portrait instead of landscape, it should be seen this way.

It will be great if we can always have more and better tools as HumblrERS not only as audience.


I’ve never had an option… but that’s a good idea. Not sure I would ever choose to display a portrait image in landscape, but I can imagine circumstances where others might.


Tried using stylish to mod the CSS and fix the portrait images, but then the landscape image was borked. Hoping that fix you’re planning will preserve the aspect ratio of each image post. Thanks


The following changes have been applied. Thanks for feedback and code suggestions

/* Media Gallery */
.media-gallery {
    max-width: 100%;
    max-height: 400px;
    height: inherit !important;

.media-gallery__item {
    max-width: 100%;
    max-height: 400px;
    height: inherit !important;

.media-gallery__gifv {
    max-height: 400px;

.media-gallery__item-gifv-thumbnail {
  transform: translateY(0%);
  max-height: 400px;


Yes! This is perfect! And especially so for captioned images!


Sorry, my CSS is a little rusty.

Does this mean that Humblr will display full portrait images now - or do we have to insert that code somewhere to enable that functionality?


Humblr will display portrait now yes.


Thank yooooooouuuuuu!



Um, when I click directly on my profile, here: https://humblr.social/@sophisticatedsmut

…portrait orientation images are still being cropped to landscape, like so:


Is there a way to fix how the portrait image is displaying above?


This is often the first view that visitors have of Humblr, so I agree. On my page people not logged in see mostly Sensitive Content warnings anyway, but some sites would not. I think the best way I’ve seen to manage the public view is what DeviantArt does. To see sensitive content, the viewer must either fill out a consent form or login. Once either is done the images are normal size.