Emergency maintenance 07/01/2019


03:00 UTC

There is a problem with the site that we are working on fixing.
Taking the front end servers down so we can problem solve without traffic.

Expected downtime is 1-2 hours.

Chatting at https://discord.gg/CpdS6P


All services back up and running.

We have enabled multiple web servers for the front end services.
These two servers are located in our US East data center and Europe data center.

You can access them directly via the following

We are using geography based load balancing so that EU and the Middle East uses EU1. and NA, SA, Oceania use East1. (the US server)
Asia splits between EU1. and East1.
This is the default when using https://humblr.social/

US West is planned and we would like to host another in Asia or Oceania or both soon.

Do note that EU1 is a tad slow. This is due to the database services being located in the US East data center. We are working on caching SQL data in the EU location to speed things up. No ETA as of yet.


Looks like there is an issue with the EU server :disappointed: I am able to access east1.humblr.social though.


We turned it off as there is not database cache at this time in the EU datacentre resulting in high latency when using that server.