Feature request: ability to post multiple images/gifs in single post


I have some collections of of GIFs or jpegs that are sequential and tell a story.

Can it be made possible to post these all in a single post, so the viewer can watch the progression as they scroll down?


You can upload multiple images in one post but won’t be able to add commentary to each one I am afraid.


OK , cool – thanks for the heads up.

Is there a limit to how many images/GIF in a single post?


Not sure off the top of my head.
Just try and post as many as you can and report back :stuck_out_tongue:


The max seems to be 4. It would definitely be nice if more were possible. I had to split a few sets into batches and post them in reverse order so that they would be viewed chronologically as you scrolled down our timeline.


Will look at allowing 10.


That sounds good to me. I think 10 would definitely be a reasonable limit.


People coming here from Tumblr are used to 10. Sometimes that’s a bit limiting, but it’s a good compromise. Some would post several dozen if they could.