Feature request: toot queue


Coming from Tumblr, I am used to be able to queue up posts to send out over the course of the day. That way I can post a fair amount of content without flooding anyone’s feed at the given moment. I’ll still be interacting and boosting other people’s posts in real-time, so I don’t see my account as a “bot” account. I’d just like to be able to queue them up. I’ve seen something about using the Mastodon API directly, but it would be nice if this could be built into the Humblr interface.


Do you mean something like this?


Yes, something like that, but built into the regular interface rather than an external tool to run. (Or if this already is built into the interface, where is it?)


Toot queue is in development.
Hopefully comes in the next release candidate for Mastodon.

TLDR; soon