Filters not working properly!


I’m still seeing a lot of content that I have clearly labelled to be filtered in the preferences.

Will the filtering be improved in the future? I’ve been pretty specific and comprehensive in the tags that I used in the filter prefs, so I’m not sure why I am consistently seeing exactly that kind of content.


Hey SophisticatedSmut, how are you doing today?

First - Filtering highly depends on those who the post content. Let’s say someone in into old socks and he posts a lot of pictures with old sox on them. But you don’t want to see those. The only way to filter them is that the other person add tags or at least a description to their posts (toots). The system behind Humblr can only search for words and tags to filter them out, but no images.

Second - The filtering isn’t perfect at all. Especially if some boosts a post which should be filtered out. I had the problem myself not only once but multiple times. That is something the Humblr admins won’t be able to do much about. It highly depends on the development of Mastodon and its scalability as well.


I thought that would be the explanation.

I just thought that the underlying algorithms would be smart enough to know that by now that there are certain things that I am into, and certain things that I am not. To use a simple example, if I am consistently boosting content with certain tags or themes, and I am blocking certain things with specific tags and themes, then the algorhythms should progressively learn my tastes, as they do on YouTube or Amazon.

(Ok, maybe that is a grossly unfair comparison, given the money behind YT and Amazon, but that the idea I’m trying to illustrate)

Also, sometimes I block a user, and still see there other posts before I refresh the page.

I never had this issue on Tumblr.