Home Feed Stopped



My home feed has stopped showing me any new boosts or any other kind of notification. It has remained static for 6 hours so far. I’ve checked profiles of the people I follow and people are posting all over the place but nothing new has shown up in my feed at all.

I also cannot boost other’s posts from their profiles sometimes for whatever reason so unless it’s on my feed there’s a chance of it being impossible to boost at all.

Like others here I’m a Tumblr reject and was using the site pretty regularly until this occurred. Now I can’t use anything until this is fixed.

I know it’s the holidays and you guys are busy, so any help is much appreciated! Thank you!


Fixed the problem but there is a day’s worth of content to process and send to feeds.
Going to be a few hours.


Thanks a bunch! If this site is useful for me in the long run I will definitely become a Patron. It is most valuable the service being provided.