Home feed tribulations


I’ve had som trouble with my Home feed here on Humblr, sometimes when I log on it ends up empty saying I need to follow people to see their posts. So far I follow 47 people so that shouldn’t be the problem. I’ll log in and out a few times and it usually shows up, but there will be only about one days worth of posts before it stops. Sometimes just the last few hours of posts. When I reach the “load more” button I click it but so far it hasn’t worked at all, it just simply does not load more posts. Logging in or out doesn’t help this. Also another problem, but not as important, is that when the Home feed does work and I view a video or photo and I exit the video/photo it simply jumps back to the top of the feed. Which means I’ll have to scroll down to where I was again, but if I open another video/photo and then exit it I’m taken to the top of the feed again.

All of these issues happen both on the regular website, mobile website and app. If the Home feed is acting up on the website, the app usually shows nothing besides boosts and replies (which I can’t filter out on the app for some reason).


An update:

Well, there’s now ONE post on my home feed and the “load more” button still doesn’t work… Can @Admin please see what is wrong here? I know you’re busy but until this problem is fixed there’s really no sense in me using this website.


I’m bumping this… My Home feed was as of this morning empty, what is happening with this website? It hasn’t worked for me for quite a while, the only thing visible today was the “load more” button and it still doesn’t work. It doesn’t load more posts, so whatever was posted yesterday is gone from my home feed never to show up again.

And this includes whatever @Admin posts about whatever is happening, if there’s a migration or a period of instability I never get these messages because of the failing Home Feed.


We are working on upgrading some of the code, been doing it all night so the feeds are a tad behind.


Thank you so much for the feedback! It’s really appreciated💕


Okay, I’m gonna need a more in depth answer this time @Admin I’ve had problems with this issue for 20 days now I know Humblr is a work in progress but a proper response would be nice… this time… Why does my Home Feed regularly end up empty? Why does the Load more-button not work, at all, ever? When the Home Feed is filled up again why are older posts gone forever? It just stops at some point and past material can’t be viewed in the Home Feed… I mean in my Favorited section I find posts back to 2018, but my Home Feed just, stops… As things are now I have no use for Humblr, it works every other day and even when it does work it only gives me a few new posts to respond to.

I’m seriously falling behind on my interaction with friends and followers😔