How does one properly enter an instance


I’m trying to sign into Pinafore.
I assume that an ‘instance’ refers to the name of my account. (Incidentally, you are assuming that we would automatically make that assumption because I can’t find any definite reference that tells me what an “instance” is. This site is a second language to you – the rest of us are just learning the alphabet.

Translation: Assume that we know NOTHING!~ Because someone will need to know what you think we do know.

Anyway, how do I enter the instance so it is accepted properly. Just my user name. The entire URL?


Enter “”
That is the instance


Thank you. But, nowhere is that clearly stated. And, I’m having all kinds of trouble migrating my Tumblr accounts,. The systeme keeps telling me I’m not entering a valid Tumblr URL when I can se for myself that it is.