Humblr needs you!


We have just passed the 50,000 user mark and with this, we are looking to grow our team with Moderators and Developers.

The site has over 30GB of content uploaded to it every day and this is increasing daily.
With this, more and more content is being uploaded and shared to the site that breaks our rules.
We have also seen an increase of bots on the site that spam links.

To keep the site safe, we need more Moderators to join our team to help moderate the site and help users.

Moderation requires a basic understanding of Mastodon and how it works.
Moderators will also need to know the rules of the site, and have Discord

Moderators are not required to be online each and every day but being active on the site and responsive on Discord is required.

To apply to become a moderator please @admin on with the reason why you want to join.

We are looking for one or more devs to help out with theming the site.
As more and more users come to the site we need to make it easier for basic users and ex-Tumblr users to use the site.
We use Mastodon more for blogging than micro-blogging which Mastodon is made for.
This is stuff like 10,000 character count, larger images, more images, larger videos etc.

What we are looking to do is somewhat emulate the Tumblr UI with a Mastodon like UI.
Pawoo does this very well

If you would like to help develop· then please contact @admin on with your skills and understand of Mastodon

Display of images in portrait


I would like to help but you are not replying to my Direct Messages any more.


I got your message and will respond.
Just got a lot on atm with work.


well sure but I don’t know I was looking for. except to get my pass word straightened out