Image size restrictions


I got a 422 error on the API earlier today with the message “6000x4000 images are not supported”.

I assume that images must be smaller than 6000x4000 pixels. Does that mean that any images over 6000 horizontal pixels OR 4000 vertical pixels are too large? Or is it a question of the total size (for example 6000x2000 would be small enough).


That would absolutely SUCK!!! For any devs who read this thread, take note. Yes, much more memory is consumed, but it would be both a VITAL aggregator of VHQ (Very High Quality) Pics, GIFs, and potentially movies down the road, and such a simple change/policy would make this AN ENORMOUS DIFFERATIATOR from other sites.

And importantly, from tumblr itself. We are all pervs here, and a place to post/share/download favorite VHQ pics, which frankly, are a common feature of pay sites, could make this project GO.

ONE MIGHT EVEN MAKE SUCH A SIZE DIFFERENTIOR A VITAL ENTICEMENT FOR MANY, MANY PATREON, $5/month ACCOUNTS. A great many would pay a small monthly fee, $2-$5, for such access.CURATED access, curated by members themselves


I want to enable this as well as showing much higher quality photos on the site.

But Mastodon has some limits that are hard to disable.