Is there not a way to “favorite” members?


I am brand new and SUPER EXCITED AND ALREADY GOON-GLAZED over the possibility of THIS kind of member driven, pornosexual purposed site.

Did I just share that out loud? LOLOLOLOL

But we need a way not just to favorite posts, etc, but to save and categorize USERS. After all, the USERS tend to self-curate their posts and their own “explorations” of other users’ accounts. Those explorations, reposts, favoriting behaviors, and account “friending” ALSO is an organic curation process. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in a hyper-siloed, fractionated interest driven subject such as the PRECISE, PERVY INTERESTS of patrons of a porn-focused site such as this both purports to BE, but far more importantly, MAY BECOME.

Managed and resourced appropriately, this site could become… a necessary part of GoonLife everywhere lol.

Best of luck!

And P.S. I, for one, would like to thank the devs for seizing the obvious opportunity dropped by tumblr, and energetically pursuing the opportunity. This site, purpose built, could in relatively short-order become SO MUCH MORE than tumblr ever was for those of us for whom PORN IS OUR MISTRESS.