Refresh timing is bad costing me time and content


It seems to be broken in a lot of ways.

  1. I can be on here and not get any feeds or updates, and it will show myself and one or two others posting. Then I get rush were dozens of post fly by and I cannot see them it’s way too fast.

  2. I write a lot and I get all most done with the latest post and the whole screen refreshes and I LOOSE EVERYTHING I have written. ( this is the reason I am looking for someplace else to do this at I spent forty minutes on something just to have you guys flush it waste my time, and my art. )

  3. I go to boost or re-blog a post the the post is moving and I can’t click on the icon because it jumps when a new post gets added.

  4. Pictures would show up better if they could all fit in one size box, and the boxes followed each other and did not have to share one post space. they get way too tiny when you post more than one pic at a time.

I use a desktop, where I have millions of porn pics to up load and why can’t do this on a cell phone. I also come from tumblr where I had 332 thousand followers, and could use my self made gifs and Jpeg(s) a lot easier to do if the size is consistent with each pic. PLEASE HELP