Request: Auto-play of GIFs on mobile devices


Hey, it would be great if auto-play of GIFs could be enabled for mobile devices - that would absolutely make my day - and a lot of other people’s too, I would imagine!

Thanks for a great new network, glad to see the admins and mods taking steps to improve the community with initiatives such as this forum. :grinning:


Wont be possible on mobile browsers as they set videos not to auto play by force.
GIFs are actually videos btw as they are smaller, higher quality and load faster.

Apps should be able to auto play content though.



I actually had some issue downloading an app to view Mastodon.

Is there a recommended app?


I use Mastalab personally.


I just looked in the App store for this, but couldnt find it.

Is it available for iOS?


Use the link I posted above to see what you can get on iOS.


How do get the gif to auto play with Mastalabs?


I downloaded (and paid for!) Toot for iOS.

STILL no auto-play of GIFs on mobile. And yes, I have it selected to auto play in my prefs.

What’s the fix?