Request: How to view stats on how many boosts?


Is there a way to view how many times your content has been boosted/reblogged?

I kind of think its an interesting metric, to get a gauge on how much people are engaging with your content.

Maybe it would be cool to have the option to have that stat displayed with the other key stats on the home Profile page.

Would this be possible?


Click on a post and a new tab will pop up and show you this info.


Hmmm…its not working for me.

When I click on a post, it simply enlarges the image.

I tried clicking elsewhere, but no luck. Where exactly do I have to click?


The main text of the post should open the new tab.


When you say main text, i’m not suite sure what you mean.

I did find I was able to get it to work by clicking the ‘3h’ or whatever the time display is in the far top right corner of the post.

But this opens up another window, which then displays the stat similar to what your image shows.

Is that the correct way to do it? It would be preferable to see it permanenelty, rather than clicking to go to another page each time.


Thank you for the prompt replies btw – it is appreciated!

I actually meant with regards to your TOTAL reboosted/rblogged stat. Would it be possible to display that?


The reason it is not always on show is that that is information overload with a dozen posts on the screen at one time.
We are putting it into the Humblr theme though but that is a while away.


Yeah, i can get that you dont want to have a cluttered interface, that is totally understandable - but I dont see how this would be much more than simply displaying a numerical digit next to the favourited and reboosted icons… similar to how Facebook displays how many likes or comments a post has.

Additionally, the icons already display in that light grey color, so it need not be especially visually distracting from the core content of a post.

Does that make sense, or have I possibly misunderstood your post?


It is something we can try out. Not writing it off.