Service maintenance 11/02/2019


Back online shortly.


All done. If you are being redirected to the forum you need to clear your history for this site.

The quick way to do it is to press CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE and clear the last hour.


Hey there. I’m having trouble accessing the general humblr social networking part. If I try to get to it from google I just get a grey, blank page. Am I doing something wrong?



Force a reload on


It still looks like is appearing as a grey page on my computer. It works fine when I add /tag/ and then a hashtag category so I’ll just do that. Sry I’m new to this…

Suddenly that’s not working either. It’s like is down except the forum.


Can you try with incognito?


I’ve got a question… Every time you do maintenance work all post older than a day disappear from the Home Feed? No matter how many hours go by or reloads I perform, log out and in they never come back. Also, the “load more” button has never worked! I scroll and posts keep popping up until I get to a certain point, then the “load more” button come up but I can push it all I want but nothing loads… Old posts that I’ve tooted or “liked” I can still find, but posts I haven’t had a chance to look at disappears… This has been going on since Humblr started, at least on my end. When will this issue be resolved?


Looks like it’s down again.

" We’re sorry, but something went wrong on our end."


We are just having an issue with the database server


Running the fix now. Can take 5 mins to 10 hours to run.
Hopefully working tomorrow