Toots disappear and reappear on the home and notification timeline


Hey Mr. Admin,

Since about two days me and someone else, we have a problem with the timeline on Humblr. Especially the “Home” and “Notification” timeline. Nearly all the time, when I send a message, or the other person, it appears on the “Home” timeline for a second, but as soon as the site or the timeline refreshes it’s gone. It can be found on the “toots and reply” tab of the profile, but nowhere lese. The other person won’t be able to see the message at first.

After some random time and multiple refreshes, the toot reappears on the timeline, both the sender and the receiver. At that point, it might be buried under a lot of newer toots and might be overlooked.

It sometimes takes minutes, maybe an hour or longer for the toot to appear on the timeline. I am not sure where this is coming from. Maybe a caching problem, maybe something else? It happens on both, the web browser (I am using Vivialdi) and an app.

Not sure if it is just us. It happens to both, public toots and direct messages.

If you need any more details, please let me know.