Unable to post or boost


Whenever I try to post or boost, or even send direct messages, I get an error and message “HTTP status code: 500.”

My account is basically unusable now. This started on Feb 28.


I just tried to boost again and this time got a different error code: 401 access token is invalid.


Log out and log back in.


I already tried that.


I just tried logging out a second time. Still not working.


Chances are your Cookies file is corrupted.
Try log out, delete Humblr cookies. And log in again.
This usually works perfect to me.

If this happens often, I suggest you to set up your browser to Clear Humblr cookies on exit.
On chrome it’s very simple, look at the attached image.
If you are on an App, I can not help you.


I primarily use the Tootdon app, but the problem was also happening when I logged in via Safari. I didn’t think it was the cookies, since it’s doing it via both, but I deleted cookies and the problem still persists.


You have no other ideas or help!??? Mind boggling.


I just tried logging in via my laptop, which has never accessed humblr before, in case there was something wrong with my iPad, which I have always used. I didn’t think this would work, but thought I’d give it a shot. Still no dice.
I’m pretty sure there’s something going on on the server side, not client side.


I’m very sorry.
Due to health issues, I can not use mobile devices, so I really have no experience with them at all.
My only experience is with PCs, and with Chrome browser only, which is extremely versatile to adjust my scripts and codes helping me to use Internet easily.
Have you tried your laptop using Chrome?
I wish I can be more helpful for you.


Thanks. I appreciate your help. I didn’t think Chrome would work, as I’m 100% certain the problem is on the server, but I tried Chrome and it does not work. :confused:


Hey Admin, is there seriously no one at Humblr that knows anything bout I.T.??? Their is a problem on the Humblr server preventing me from using my account.


I haven’t been able to use my account for SIX DAYS now.


So, you have no other help for me?


I use Mastodon Crossposter to share content from Twitter. I think your server locked up my account because I was automating, my Twitter and Google Drive have also become locked up due to using automation (IFTTT), but they have automated ways to reset an account.
Is there no way you can reset my account in the server?