Unable to register with @icloud.com address


Hello! I am unable to register an account with my @icloud.com address, it insists that it is not a valid address. I had to register with my gmail, but I would really like to change it to be my iCloud for personal organizational purposes. Thank you!


We blocked @icloud.com as they blocked our domain from sending emails to them.


Oh! I am registered under an @icloud.com address, and got the confirmation e-mail back.

Because I never received the confirmation e-mail at my @spray.se address.

Please advise.


You might have signed up during the time we allowed @icloud.com addresses.

If you don’t get an email, it means they are blocking our emails.


A few days ago. If I have a problem, I won’t be able to receive an e-mail link.

Is spray.se also blocked? That is the account I started with, but couldn’t receive an e-mail back.


We don’t block them but they might block us.


Ok. As a customer, I can contact them.

Should I report on: humblr.social possibly being blocked? Or is there more to your domain than this?