Video posting limits


I’m finding some vids don’t post. Can you please explain the limits i.e. length, size, formats?


Video uploads at the moment are limited mainly by the upload size. You can’t upload videos which exceed the limit of 40MB. Other than that, I am not aware of any other limitations. As for the file formats - It’s .mp4 or .webm

Some videos might just look like videos, even with a certain file extension, but they are GIFs in a container format. GIFs can’t be bigger than 8MB as of right now.

Those limits are set by Humblr admins and it’s possible that they change the limitations in the future (bigger file upload, etc.).

I hope that answered your questions. :grinning:


The current limit is 8MB.
We are working on increasing it to 50MB tonight or tomorrow.


Testing 100MB videos and 10MB images.
Changes are now live. You should be able to post larger files now.


Thanks, that will be great, but not working for me just now. I’m getting 400 Bad Request repeatedly with a 40Mb file.


Ah, it’s posted now. I think it’s just that vid posting is a bit hit-and-miss at the moment.