Welcome to Humblr WORK IN PROGRESS


Humblr is an alternative blogging platform for adult photo and video content.
It was set up at the beginning of December as a place for exiled Tumblrs to go to so they can carry on posting their content online.

This quick guide will help you to get going on Humblr as there is quite the difference (for now) compared with Tumblr.
We say “for now” as we are working on making the site more blogger friendly so the site will change soon to look and feel more like Tumblr’s style.

First of all, please read the rules! https://humblr.social/about/more
Content that is not allowed on the site will be removed. Any content that is illegal will also be removed and accounts instantly banned from the site. We do not warn users for posting underaged photos, it is an instant ban.

To create a post on Humblr,
Simply use the left tab and enter your text, any #hashtags relevant to the post and if you want to include someone/notify them of the post you can @ them such as @bob

You can also upload video and photos once at a time by clicking the camera icon.

If what you are uploading content that is a little taboo or extreme in nature, use the CW button to tag the post with a Content Warning.
This stops posts that are a bit hardcore in nature from being visible to other users unless if they click on it to reveal the contents.

Once you are ready to post, click “TOOT!”. Your post will now be available for everyone to see on the site and sent to followers.

To report someone else’s post or to favourite it for later
Click the buttons at the bottom of their post.

You can also reply to a post by clicking the arrow under a post. This will create a new post in the same tab as before and will allow you to add text, hashtags and photos/videos too.
This is just like a normal post but is directed towards another user publicly.

Edit your profile.
Click on the cog top left of the website.
Then click Edit Profile