Where are the users?


When I look at:


I see there are 37319 users here posting 360394 stati. But only a few dozen appear with no posts.

How do I find the hidden masses?


I agree definitely i support this question


You can find users in the local tab or the directory


I would also like to know if there’s a way to follow people other than going to their profile. I see there’s an option, a button to follow people who just followed you but that’s it. On the Explore page, there are no ‘follow’ buttons.

When will this be changed? Thanks :slight_smile:


Ill look into it @hotguy


Alright, sound good! :wink:


Hey there,

actually there’s an option to follow people easily, click the topic of the post you see from them, or the username right next to it. Then to the top right of their profile-pic in their “stream”, is a button to follow them.

So you don’t need to open their full profile page to follow them.